Coconuts Car Wash is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Drug Free Workplace . We seek new talent and accept applications on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in a job or a career we want to hear from you. Complete an application form available in our Customer Lounge and introduce yourself to our Management staff. We review applications, contact applicants and set interviews for qualified applicants as positions become available.


Hiring policy requires a minimum of 16 years of age with written parental consent. Applicants are subject to verifications of education, past employment, background checks, valid Social Security, Drivers License, Immigration Status and Drug Screening at hire date. We do not consider applicants with felony convictions, certain misdemeanour convictions, probation or pending criminal charges. The culture, working environment and safety criteria at Coconuts requires honesty, moral integrity, team spirit & care and concern. If these are your attributes, please submit an application. Training is provided-No experience required.


Vehicles Service Attendant (VSA)

Customer Service Attendant (CSA)

Detail Specialist

Mechanical Specialist


Assistant Manager

Detail Manager

Shift Manager

Operations Manager

Facility Manager

General Manager